BOOK REVIEW | The Flavor of Our Hispanic Faith

The Flavor of Our Hispanic Faith
by Karen Valentin and Edwin Aymat

Christians share many common factors, but we’re all shaped by our cultural backgrounds.  Culture plays an important role in how we worship and in our individual journeys of faith.  Often the various faith practices are not represented or even acknowledged for that matter in society.  The Flavor of Our Hispanic Faith will appeal to Hispanics and Non-Hispanics alike.  It’s a short read, that provides major eye-openers. 

As a African-American woman, my ancestry is peppered with pain and prejudice.  At the same time, there is a richness in the African-American culture that is unique and almost majestic when it comes to spirituality.  With that said, I have lived in very diverse neighborhoods as a child and as an adult.  I remember walking to school with Puerto Rican friends and visiting with other neighbors of the Hispanic origin.  I’m truly fascinated with how diverse God has really made all of us.

The Flavor of Our Hispanic Faith reminded me, people really do share similar struggles despite our uniqueness or our separate cultural backgrounds. Those struggles include family, relationships, economy, and education, just to name a few. This book provided a better appreciation of the language barrier that takes place within the Hispanic family unit.  The struggles to learn a new language when you have been raised to speak Spanish, combined with having to adapt to the dominant society can truly place havoc on one’s faith.

This book is laid out with short devotional readings that consist of scripture and the authors’ descriptive experiences with their extended family.  Some of the experiences stem from childhood, while others are from adulthood. The readings vary from being touching to humorous in nature.

A glossary is included in the back for Spanish words and expressions.  This book is available in English and Spanish.

Reviewed by Tyora Moody