BOOK REVIEW | Check Your Keys – Part 1

Check Your Keys – Part 1
Consider Who is in Your Spiritual Life
by Tabitha Vinson

In Check Your Keys – Part 1, Tabitha Vinson shares her personal spiritual journey with the reader. During this journey, Tabitha receives revelation after revelation from her intimate conversations with God.

Like many single women, she found herself intoxicated by a new man in her life. Everything seemed to be going well in the relationship, but there were issues that were not obvious. Using a house as an analogy for parts of the body, Tabitha candidly explains the importance of keeping the temple, the body from head to toe, pure. As a single woman, she needed to be careful who she let into certain areas of her life or the results could be spiritual disaster.

Tabitha lays out the importance of understanding spiritual warfare and how we must recognize when the enemy is setting us up. In Tabitha’s case, the young man she was dating was not the man for her and if the relationship had continued, there would have been a break-down that would have taken considerable time to rectify.

Check Your Keys – Part 1 is a short, but insightful read. Since it’s Part 1, I imagine Tabitha will grace us with Part 2 in the near future.

I will comment that I thought this book is for a more mature believer. Even though Tabitha explains each revelation in a down to earth manner, the reader with a relationship with God and knowledge of Holy Spirit prophetic gifts would find the read more insightful.

I want to encourage you to tune in to Tabitha Vinson’s Online Radio Show – Prophetic Worship ICU. Tabitha is an engaging host and always has great line-up of guests not afraid to speak truths in Jesus Name!

Reviewed by Tyora Moody

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  1. Missy at 11:46 am

    I will certainly buy this book it sounds like something that would satiate my reading palette. Also I will make a point to tune into Prophetic Talk

    Thank Q