A Literary Christmas Celebration Presents Keshia Dawn






The very memory that come to mind when I think about the holidays, are those spent with my cousins. Growing up, I had nine years to myself as an only child.  The times that I spent singing, dancing, playing church at our grandparent’s home for Christmas is one of the fondest.  Our grandfather was a pastor so making up our own sermons was a given.

It wasn’t the fact that we didn’t get to see each other often; rather it was the excitement of sharing constant space with them.  From running around the house to sleeping side by side in whichever bed was available, there was constant chatter, laughter and games.

No memory could be greater than packing up our presents from our own homes, lugging them all the way to the “country”, as we called it.  Out of respect for our grandparent’s house and space that would be available, no one ever took all of their presents to open on Christmas.  That is no one but my one cousin, Cliff.  It never failed that while the rest of us had two and three gifts to open, Cliff had every present that was to be his, spread abroad for others to see.  Then, as if Eddie Murphy was he alter ego, he would throw punch lines at us as to how many presents we had, compared to his own.  Kind of like the “I got some iiiiice cream” song.  I’m still laughing.
Though I eventually had sibling of my own, of course one nine-year my junior and the other thirteen years, those memories well spent with my cousins will forever be imbedded in my heart. 

Pulling up to the house, with my cousins anticipating our arrival, running out to greet us was predictable.  Being in the car and locking the door so they couldn’t get to us was a given.  Having all of us sprawled out on beds, couches and pallets of cover on the floor, sleep with the television on… is priceless.

Today, myself along with my cousins practice our same love.  We don’t always meet up at a centralized location, none the less, when we do get together, every time is like our Christmas’ back at our grandparents house.


Keshia Dawn is author of this summer’s release, By the Grace of God.  The sequel His Grace, His Mercy will follow September 2009. Busy working on her third novel, Keshia Dawn will add her short story, Baby Boy in the anthology, Bended Knees. She resides in Texas with her young daughter.

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  1. wvoices-admin at 6:29 pm

    I know about being an only child for several years. You were blessed to have cousins your age to hang with. Mine were all way older than me. Thank you for sharing Keshia. I’m looking forward to reading your book finally over the holidays!