Pat Simmons

Pat Simmons is the recipient of the Katherine D. Jones Award, presented at the 2008 Romance Slam Jam in Chicago, IL., for humility and grace. She is a Jesus baptized Believer and received the gift of Holy Ghost by the evidence of speaking in other tongues. She has worked as a news writer and assignment editor for a St. Louis television station for several years. Prior to that position, she was a talk show host, board operator, and a news reporter for various radio stations. She recently celebrated her twenty-fifth wedding anniversary and is the mother of two college students. Her debut novel Guilty of Love was released in 2007. Her book, Talk to Me, was released November 1, 2008.


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Talk To Me

Noel Richardson is perfect, but degrees, wealth, and good genes don’t define a man. The CEO of a St. Louis non-profit organization, Noel doesn’t respond when women whisper compliments behind his back. It’s only God’s voice Noel hears.

His life has been anything, but easy since surviving a fireworks explosion that kills his best friend and shatters his hearing. That’s in his past. He’s learned to co-exist between two worlds—hearing and Deaf. One example is Noel tolerances ridicule from his friends when he’s slow to interject into their lively sports debate despite mastering lip reading. Living in the Deaf community isn’t any easier. There are constant reminders that Noel is a distinct outsider.

For years, his Sunday morning worship consisted of tele-evangelists. Spiritually, he was dying from the lack of fellowship. What could he do? Very few churches had what he needed.

Then Noel stumbles across an invitation flashing on a portable sign: Thanksgiving service. All are welcome. Deaf ministry provided.

Once inside God’s Grace Church, he’s captivated by Interpreter Mackenzie Norton’s graceful hands.

To Noel, Mackenzie’s exquisite, a steadfast believer, and head strong. With her, Noel can hear the impossible.

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  1. Wanda B. Campbell at 10:08 am

    Great interview, Pat! Look forward to reading both books.