New Kid’s Book on President-Elect Obama


Atlanta, GA ( – Noted author of books and other educational materials for children, Carole Marsh, released on November 5 her new book Barack Obama: America’s 44th President, published and distributed by Gallopade International. "November 4, 2008 IS the ‘day that is different’ for African America children," says Marsh, who has been writing black history books for kids 7 to 17 for more than 30 years. "It is the day they got proof that they can be anything they want to be! Perhaps more importantly, they now see proven evidence of why education is so essential and that studying hard in school is certainly worth the effort and a key to success."

In anticipation of an Obama win, Marsh began research and writing for her book as soon as Barack Obama announced his candidacy, thus leading to the remarkable publication the day after the election. "Kids can’t wait," claims the author. "They have questions and they want answers now–and that’s what they deserve. This momentous moment in history is not unnoticed by school-age children who have been following this remarkable campaign and election for two years.

"Outside of the implications of the historic perspective of the first black named U.S. president, all children are fascinated and curious about this young family–with children their age!–who will make the White House their new home! We don’t have teachable moments ahead of us, we have teachable years that could change the direction of the lives of many young Americans," Marsh shares.

The 40-page reproducible Obama book covers the complete who, what, when, where, why, how, and more of the new president-elect, his wife, children, and all things presidential, such as their new home, new secret service friends, and more in a factual, graphic, entertaining and educational way. Best of all, there are activities for children to complete to add to the fun and understanding.

Marsh is author of many award-winning fiction and non-fiction children’s books. In 2007, she was named Georgia Author of the Year for Middle Readers. She is the founder and CEO of Gallopade International, a leader in the production of children’s books, curriculum products and supplementary educational materials since 1979. Learning Magazine honored Gallopade books with the Teacher’s Choice Award for the Family, and Gallopade also earned the iParenting Media Award for Greatest Products of 2007.

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