BOOK REVIEW | Sinsatiable

by Shelia Lipsey

Alisha Carlise is a dancer who’s always dreamed of having a dance studio. When she inherits a sum of money from her grandparents, she’s delighted to finally make her dream come true.  Aisha dream begins to crumble when the owner of the building, where she’s renting space for her studio, decides to sell it.  It becomes obvious there is no way she can get the funding to purchase the building. The thought of losing her beloved studio devastates Aisha.

One of her student’s parents approaches Aisha with a risky proposition.  Being a Christian, she balks at the idea and is determined she will find the money in time.  But in one last act of desperation, Aisha soon finds herself pulled into the world of exotic dancing and drugs. Along the way, she meets a man who seems to be the perfect mate, but as Aisha’s world spirals out of control, her choices will bring more turmoil than she ever imagined.  Looks are definitely deceiving.

This is first book I’ve read from this author.  Shelia Lipsey has written a relatable story of a young woman so caught up in her personal dreams and aspirations, she loses focus of God. This novel provides an excellant modern day parable of sorts of what happens when we don’t “seek first the kingodom of God" and "resist the devil."  There are always consequences that result from sin. The residuals often continue to weigh heavily even after we’ve returned to God’s grace.

While I enjoyed Sinsatiable, I was a little confused at times with the head-hopping from one character to the next. It kind of slows down the reading when you have to figure out who is talking. Other than that, I finished reading the book in an afternoon.  I liked how the author presented one twist after another. In some ways, this Women’s Fiction novel could have worked well as a Suspense novel too.

Sheila Lipsey’s My Son’s Wife was released October 1, 2008. I started reading the book and I can say there’s nothing quite like it in Christian Fiction.  I can see where the author has grown as a writer and I’m look forward to writing a full book review in the future.

I interviewed Shelia Lipsey for I encourage you to listen to the podcast to hear how she came up with such a unique title for her book. It was a great conversation with a inspiring writer.

Reviewed by Tyora Moody