The Queen Esther Movement

Bride Of His Son Ministries announces two fresh, innovative Websites geared towards urban (all ethnicities) Christian pre-teen, teen and college entry-level females who need encouragement to strive to live Biblically based lifestyles.

The Queen Esther Movement is the answer for urban junior high, high school and college entry-level females who have a sincere desire to live a Christian lifestyle or are interested in finding out what this lifestyle is all about.  

Utilizing the book of Esther, the story of a beautiful teenage girl who becomes Queen, but even more importantly uses her God given  beauty, favor, & grace to save her people from  an untimely death.  Our mission is to encourage, edify and educate them to say, "No!" to the entertainment, fashion, marketing and sports industries and say, "Yes!" to God The Father, God, The Son and God, The Holy Spirit!  These girls are encouraged to know their worth is to be rooted in the fact that God loves them and not their talents, physical attributes or whatever may be found appealing by the opposite sex, but more importantly to use those gifts and attributes for the glory of God.

The Queen Esther Movement site is filled with Biblical principles, thought provoking Bible stories, links to other great sites and there are Bible lessons( partial listing) on:

  • Flattery versus compliments
  • If you want love, don’t dress for sex
  • Dating Violence
    and etc….
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The Queen Esther Movement 2 is geared towards the senior high and college level with exciting graphics that encourage and edify.  Most graphics are actual brochures and postcards that are made available to the girls.  

Along with in depth Bible studies on:

  • Real love is after you hard  (building a personal relationship  with  Jesus Christ)
  • Lies aint real talk (Is it a statement of truth or just truly stated?
  • Not his wifey, not his body! (Girl, whatcha’ gonna be? a concubine or a QUEEN!)
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The Queen Esther Movement Websites are proud to be resources for Youth Ministry Helpers and (partial listing). The coordinators are determined to reach out and encourage those of all walks of life, regardless of their social economic level.   It is our mission to encourage these girls to make history and not be a woman who has a history. For could it be, they were called into the kingdom, for such a time as this?  Esther 4:14

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