With Elevation, There’s Tribulation

With Elevation, There’s Tribulation, But You Must Have Expectation That  VICTORY Will Come!
by  E. Claudette Freeman

August 2007; I will never forget it.  That is the month that I finally stepped into the path that God had paved for me.  It was a time of realizing that everything else had been preparation.  It was also the realization that when God says move out of preparation into practice, we must do that immediately or our victory can be marred by unnecessary tribulation.

After spending half of my life enjoying a career in radio, twelve of those years at a gospel station to which I had become intimately connected – I began to pray about moving in my calling – writing.  God said move.  I stayed put.  God said move again.  I stayed put.  Then my prayers became God why?  God said because you will not move into the blessing of your prayers.  I moved.

What a sweet thing to experience – walking into the manifestation of prayers about doing what you are passionate about!  In the year since God has challenged me to walk into His complete authority and dominion; I have learned and experienced the wealth that comes with being victorious in Christ.

It is a wealth built from tears when you are not sure the monthly cash flow will be sufficient; yet you rise and say God I expect you to come through.  It is a wealth built from receiving hard personal news, yet you through tears you begin to speak to the Jehovah who heals, who battles, who forgives, who covers and believe in every one of His promises.  It is a wealth built from watching God do things you never envisioned. That wealth for me has been evident in my business.

In August 2007, I left a full time position as a manager to begin So E Incorporated Media and Literary Services, a freelance writing, ghostwriting, literary coaching and literary workshop company.  By the end of 2007, So E Inc. branched into a publishing company PECAN TREE PUBLISHING.  Pecan Tree now produces PARABLES MAGAZINE, a publication devoted to providing inspirational and Christian-based short fiction and will publish the work of five authors in the next year.

Then God moved again and So E Inc. sprouted Enduring Glory Media, which now produces Internet-based radio programs and a syndicated radio segment on using writing to cope with the challenges of daily life. That wealth for me was evident in my personal life, when I really began to refocus on my son; who was immersed in behavioral issues in school.

In my new position as entrepreneur, I was better positioned to make bold moves, and to literally anoint walk ways and doors at his school each time I was called to the office.  I was able to move as an ultimate faith walker, I watched God move and a child destined to fail second grade not only passed, but did so well in testing phases, that he has been marked for “gifted” exams.

Daily there are challenges.  One of the greatest for me was to admit that I had moved ahead of God in a project that would have meant a play I wrote could have very well toured nationally. What a dream come true! Yet there was so much that would not settle in my spirit about it.   After months of prayer and tribulation, I acted in obedience and removed the production from consideration.

I lost some relationships, but I gained so much more in Christ, because He immediately honored my obedience and opened other doors for His work to be done. I have been physically challenged.  My health has been aggressively attacked every quarter since I took that step of faith – out of control diabetes, a questionable mammogram and so much more – yet God reminds me that by His stripes, He reminds me that He came that I might have life, He reminds me that there are cattle on a thousand hills for me and most importantly He encourages me that victory is not only promised it is assured.

My parable, my story is this – while releasing my comfortable zones, my vision, my desires, my literary dreams was painful, the pain was temporal and victory in Christ on a whole new level is my portion and I am loving it!