BOOK REVIEW | From Dusk to Dawn

From Dusk to Dawn by Niambi Davis
Reviewed by Tavares S. Carney
Amazon Rating: 5

Older Woman, Younger Man and Things In Between

In From Dusk to Dawn, author, Niambi Davis, takes us on a tumultuous love journey between main characters, Ayo Montgomery and Bilal Abdul-Salaam. Ayo, budding entrepreneur and single mother to a college-age son, Kedar, believes she is too old and set in her ways to be in a relationship at this point in her life; therefore, she definitely is not looking for love.

With her primary focus on her skincare product business and seeing to her son’s needs, Ayo is all but blindsided when Bilal enters her world. Bilal, an eccentric gentleman, becomes smitten with Ayo the first day he walks into her home. From their initial encounter, Ayo and Bilal fight the feelings they have for each other. Later, they let their guards down and the two seemingly become one. Throughout their relationship, Ayo and Bilal face familial challenges and health complications that threaten their bond.

What I like about this atypical romance story is the fact that everything isn’t peaches and cream between Ayo and Bilal. I particularly enjoyed Bilal’s persistence and reliance on his faith in winning Ayo over, and although Ayo is strong-willed, her vulnerability made her character more true to life. Bilal was able to love Ayo the way she needed to be loved. What I most liked about From Dusk to Dawn, is the fact that the main characters did not succumb to societal views regarding the age difference in their relationship.

I would definitely read another book by Ms. Davis.

Reviewed by Tavares S. Carney for The Culture Clique Book Club