BOOK REVIEW | Seen It All and Done the Rest

Seen It All and Done The Rest
by Pearl Cleage

Reviewed by Tavares S. Carney

for The Culture Clique Book Club

Amazon Rating: 5

“Back to Life”

Pearl Cleage’s latest release, Seen It All and Done The Rest, is the story of woman searching for her reason for being. Josephine Evans is an almost 60-year old theatre-diva in Amsterdam. The star knows where her story began but isn’t certain where it will end. Facing prejudice for being an American citizen in Amsterdam during a war not many are in support of, Josephine returns to America. She returns to her homeland for three reasons, to check on her granddaughter, Zora, to tie up some loose ends with her childhood home and to prove the point she is still a "diva in demand" in Amsterdam. Josephine figures this is a prime time to take care of some much needed business while her best friend, Howard, stays behind to work his magic in Amsterdam.

Returning to Atlanta, Georgia, Josephine Evans discovers that Zora is suffering at the helm of public scrutiny. She also learns that the childhood home she so depended on as her key to financial freedom was a vandalized, squatters paradise that doubled as a dumping site. With the help of neighbors and friends, Josephine, Zora and crew begin their quest to save the home. Never could they have imagined that saving the home would lead to them championing a cause with the potential to expose corruption and blatant disregard for humanity. They did not support the war and they did not support being run off by commercial developers. Would saving the home prove to be the release they all needed?

The storyline progressed at a steady pace. The characters were believable and each had their own unique quality that rounded out the circle of friends. They all worked together, overcame obstacles and stood for what they believed in. Saving the home made them all realize what it is to "be free."