BOOK REVIEW | The Pastor's Wife

The Pastor’s Wife
by ReShonda Tate-Billingsley

Reviewed By: Idrissa Uqdah for The Culture Clique Book Club

Amazon Rating: 4

ReShonda Tate Billingsley is one of the most popular authors in the Christian fiction genre and she has truly earned this distinction. She never fails to delight her readers with her stories about real church folk and their issues.

The Pastor’s Wife by ReShonda Tate Billingsley is another superb tale of Christian people who, despite trying to do the right thing, just can’t seem to get it together. Reared by his grandmother after the death of his parents, Pastor Terrance Ellis is a young pastor with a troubled past. It was after his beloved grandmother was killed in a tragic car accident that he managed to turn his life around. With the guidance and love of his grandmother’s three sisters, Terrance walked a different path and eventually answered his call of ministry. Now a grown man, he is finding that his aunties are not so happy to let go and let God. It’s like having three doting mothers who won’t let go. Eva, Dorothy Mae and Mamie are pillars of Lily Grove Church where Terrance grew up and is now the Pastor, and the outspoken threesome are bent on finding him a wife. These sisters were hilarious.

You can imagine the drama that unfolds in their quest to find the perfect First Lady for their church and for their nephew. Terrance is a character you love but you wonder if any man is that naive while having so many available young women in pursuit. He’s much more interested in his life as a Pastor than in finding a mate much to the dismay of both his aunts and the Deacon Board. The women who sought this Pastor’s attention were just like some of the single women you’ve met in your church. The games they played and the tactics they used made you laugh out loud. Yet, you understood their desire for love and companionship.

This novel had me almost hysterical as I laughed at the many antics of the supporting characters. The author wove an interesting and somewhat complex storyline in portraying these folks in their quest to find their pastor a wife. The storyline also was full of scriptural reference, God’s redeeming love and redemption. The pain of hurting souls and how we unwittingly can be judgmental and cruel was shown without being preachy. The saints of Lily Grove Church were not perfect people but in the end they learned the lessons taught by their Christian walk.

Well written and true to life, The Pastor’s Wife is a novel that will entertain, encourage and speak to your heart. This is a book I truly enjoyed.