BOOK REVIEW | Praise Your Way Through

Praise Your Way Through
By Iris Celeste

Amazon rating: 3.5

Reviewed by Wanda B. Campbell for The Culture Clique Book Club

Love is Worth Fighting For

After years of meaningless relationships, Tamara, a successful and independent 35-year old, literally bumps her way into love with Samuel. He’s everything Tamara desires in a man, but had long ago given up hope of ever finding. The problem is, Samuel is saved and celibate. Unresolved issues from her past resurface along with insecurities and threaten to stifle the budding relationship.

After nearly 10 years of marriage, Sheila is bored and disenchanted with her once loving husband, Leon. Instead of working with her husband to resolve the problems, she turns to a minister for help. The results are disastrous and in the end will force Sheila to face her inner struggles.

Although some scenarios are unrealistic and the flow is choppy at times, Praise Your Way Through by Iris Celeste is a good read. Forgiveness and unconditional love are the primary themes for this non-traditional Christian Fiction novel. Within the pages are truths that will cause the reader to take a long look in the mirror and ask, "What’s really going on?"