BOOK REVIEW | Love Like Hallelujah

Love Like Hallelujah
by Lutishia Lovely

Amazon Rating: 3.5

Review by Tavares S. Carney – Inspire, Motivate & Encourage

“Two and sometimes more to tango”

Lives are intertwined with more church drama than a little bit in Lutishia Lovely’s Love Like Hallelujah. First, there’s King and Tai, a married pastor and first lady who have weathered an adulterous storm, and whose relationship is on the comeback trail. Then there is Derrick and Vivian, another first couple and close friends of King and Tai’s, who seemingly have the perfect relationship from the outset of the book. Finally, Cy is back, madly in love with Hope and he is making her is bride. What Tai, Vivian and Hope have in common are women who are after each of their respective husbands, by any means necessary. Supporting characters Tootie, Robin and Millicent wreak havoc in these women’s lives, so much so that each married woman’s relationship is tested to the max.

This is the continuation of Lovely’s Sex in the Sanctuary. Although I did not read the prequel to Love Like Hallelujah, this book did prove, in the end, to be a stand alone read for me. Early on in this novel, I was given enough background information on the primary characters in order that I developed the notion I could continue without having read the first. Because of all the drama the characters ensued and the various settings, I found myself having to make a chart of who was who and the relationship between characters. In hindsight, perhaps this would be a need to read the first novel. Having had to stop and think of all these things interrupted my reading flow; thus, it took me a bit longer than average to finish this selection. However, it was a good book once I got my facts and locations mapped out.

Through much drama and all coming to light in the end, the only way to find out if the marriages are sustained is to read this book. I must forewarn Christian fiction book lovers that this selection does contain graphic hetero- and homosexual sex scenes and what may be considered profane language or similar terminology. Although predictable, I enjoyed this selection as entertainment and would read another book from this author. I await book 3 in the series, A Preacher’s Passion.

Book Description

Lutishia Lovely returns to the Kingdom Citizens and Mount Progressive congregations with updates, and sometimes upsets, on the lascivious lives of some scandalous saints.

With infidelity behind them, Tai’s marriage to her pastor husband, King, is stronger than ever. Even when King’s ex-lover, Tootie, comes back to town, Tai keeps her cool. That is until she hears that Tootie has a teenage son no one knew existed–a son who could be King’s. Tootie isn’t talking, and when she finally does, can she be believed? Tai doesn’t think so and enlists the help of her best friend Vivian to find out the truth. What they find out, however, is more than either of them ever wanted to know.

Vivian must also deal with her husband’s former assistant, a woman who believes that if it wasn’t for Vivian, she would have been first lady of Kingdom Citizen’s Christian Center. Now she’s back to claim what’s hers. Millicent’s back also, just in time for the marriage of Hope and Cy, the man she thought she’d be married to by now. But she’s not the only church member whose dream becomes a nightmare. What happens when love feels more like harried hell instead of hallelujah? There’s only one way to find out.

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Paperback: 384 pages
Publisher: Kensington (January 1, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0758217536
ISBN-13: 978-0758217530