Book Review | The Ex-Files

The Ex-Files by Victoria Christopher Murray

About two to three years ago, Victoria Christopher Murray released a book titled Grown Folks Business.  This novel was perfectly time around the controversy of “down-low” men in the African-American community. The protagonist from Grown Folks Business, Sheridan Hart, returns in the book, The Ex-Files.  Sheridan is still having difficulty committing to the younger man she’s been dating for the past three years.  The breakup of her 17-year-old marriage is still painful and while Sheridan is in denial, she still has feelings for her bisexual ex-husband.

Sheridan’s pastor asks her to lead a new prayer group that consists of three other women.  All four women share a common factor.

Kendall Stewart is working her way through a divorce, but she is not about to get over finding her husband in the bed with her sister.  Now that Kendall’s ex husband and her sister are a cozy couple, Kendall is being torn apart inside by bitterness.

Vanessa Martin’s husband recently committed suicide.  Vanessa seems to be the most spiritual of the group but she’s hiding something. Beneath her joyous countenance, there is deep pain and grief. Vanessa is consumed with being with her husband in death.

Asia Ingram has officially been dropped by the NBA superstar she’s been having an affair with for years. Now that Bobbi’s wife is moving out to LA, he no longer needs Asia to be his “surrogate” wife. Asia is steaming mad, especially since she and Bobbi share a five-year-old daughter.  She’s not letting go easily and has a laid out a revengeful plan.

When this group of women assembles, sparks fly more than prayer. Sheridan is wondering if Pastor Ford had the right idea giving her this responsibility. Soon as the weeks go by, the women start to trust each other.  It is through this growing friendship that they all will make it through the hardships that will strike them individually and together.

I remember back in 2001, Sharon Ewell Foster, Angela Benson and Victoria Christopher Murray were my first introduction to Christian fiction. Well, in 2007, Victoria Christopher Murray does not disappoint. As a matter of fact, her novels get better and better.  Her books are definitely edgy and push the drama envelope, but I have to say I cried at least two or three times. Victoria knows how to push your emotions through her characters.  This novel is well-written and you surely don’t want to miss. I encourage you to catch up on Sheridan’s story from Grown Folks Business as well.


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