Book Review | Happily Even After

Happily Even After
by Marilynn Griffith

REVIEWER: Tyora Moody

Marriage, Motherhood and a Monster-in-Law.

What a cool tag line and story!  How many times do women get caught up in trying to please other people instead of just sticking to being themselves?  In the third and final book  of the Sassy Sistahood series, author Marilynn Griffith tells a story many women can relate to with both giggles and tears. Tracey Blackman, a newlywed and now a mother seems to have it all  except for a few minor issues.  More like major issues! At the top of the list is Queen Elizabeth.

No, not the Queen of England, but Tracey’s mother-in-law. Yes, that’s her real name.  A true diva, Queen Liz, seems to thrive on giving Tracey a hard time.  As a  former "fat girl" before she married her husband, Tracey is not pleased about the weight she has gained since her pregnancy. Queen Liz is not helping with her sarcastic remarks as Tracey struggles not to be overly sensitive to the yo-yo numbers on the bathroom scale.  Her weight is not Tracey’s only concern.

Ryan, her husband, has become consumed more and more with his business. The couples communication has broken down considerably since the wedding and Tracey is missing the man in her life.  When Ryan becomes a youth pastor, Tracey finds herself in yet another role – how to fit in with the other pastor’s wives.  Some of these women are certainly not making it easy for her to fit into the "mold".

Will Tracey ever fit in? Is her marriage going to survive or become another statistic? More than ever Tracey wants her story to be a happy one – if only her mother-in-law would mind her own business.

I’ve read quite a few of Marilynn’s chick lit novels and I really connected with Tracey. The character would make a great real-life friend. Despite the turmoil around her, she still manages to keep her sense of humor. Not only is this story funny, but at times it’s really touching. The reader pulls for Tracey and Ryan to work things out – and for the mother-in-law to get a life!

I really love how the author handled the topic of acclimating  to a new  church and their many "traditions" with humor and grace. While Tracey remains close to her childhood friends, she willingly opens up to the women at her husband’s childhood church, learning and teaching new lessons along the way. These lessons can be applied to our own lives and our personal comfort zones.