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All it takes is faith…Sweet Georgia Brown had it…and so do I

As I sat in my writing office of my two bedroom apartment in Keller, Texas, a suburb wedged between Dallas and Fort Worth, in 2001, I had faith that I would fulfill my fifteen-year goal to write. Six months later, Memories of Yesterday was born. I made a decision to self-publish. What happened next was all God. An author referred me to a prominent New York agent.  I sent her my novel and a month later I received a rejection through email that basically stated editors weren’t looking for “my kind” of writing. Now, I was a self-published author with hundreds of boxes of books piled up in my apartment that I needed to move; boxes that sat like furniture for awhile. That’s when I told myself, publishers may not be interested, but readers will be.

I visited black bookstores in the Dallas area, which at the time were Black Images, Black Bookworm, and Jokaes African-American Books.  The store owners truly opened their hearts and resources to me, particularly Emma Rodgers.  I had book signings at her store. I was able to speak at a local college and a church. I received a community award from Delta Sigma Theta Dallas Alumnae chapter.  I received an order for fifty-six books from the Dallas Public Library without even soliciting them.  I went on K-104’s morning show with Skip Murphy; all as a self-published author. In my mind, I had already accomplished big things. So when I received a phone call from a literary agent who stated he was interested in representing me and then two months later learned that he had sold the rights to my self-published novel, Memories of Yesterday, which was published by NAL Trade as If It Ain’t One Thing and also for the sequel It’s Like That, while I was elated, I wasn’t surprised. My goal was to one day get picked up by a major publisher. Despite what that prominent agent said. I feel truly blessed to have three books on the shelves and available wherever books are sold with another recently contracted. The rest I will achieve with faith.

Sweet Georgia Brown
NAL Trade, January 2, 2008
$13.95 US; ISBN: 0451222288

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  1. Missy at 3:10 pm

    Sweet Georgia Brown was a excellent read take a look at my Amazon review:
    How many times have you said to yourself what is my purpose; something is missing in my life? Georgia Brown takes the reader on a magnanimous ride as she journeys to find herself outside of Marvelous Marvin her husband. The story opens with Marvin & Georgia living with his parents and the only income is Georgia’s. Marvin is a big dreamer and Georgia is his only audience and she supports him unconditionally. Broke, frustrated and unemployed Marvin auditions for a part on the Last Laugh and goes on to win a million dollars.

    Many things in their lives change and the first is their address. Out of the mouth of babes is our fate and Sweet Georgia Brown realizes this sooner than she cares to. The popularity of his radio talk show is made by Marvin making his wife the tail end of his jokes which forces Georgia to think about her own identity. When Georgia brings to Marvin’s attention how the jokes make her feel he constantly reassures Georgia that Marvelous Marvin and Marvin are two different people and it’s all done for the listeners. As you read Sweet Georgia Brown the roles of Marvin and Georgia are reversed and Georgia becomes a household name, and Marvin well you will have to read the book to find out.

    Enters secondary character Corliss Riggs Marvelous Marvin’s number one fan has dreams of her own. Dreams which include her sons father Jermaine and Corliss walking down the aisle and Corliss becoming Mrs. Townsend. However with much baggage between them and trust issues that doesn’t seem to be in the cards or is it.

    This was a ride that I would encourage EVERYONE to take. The road is fun and the folks you meet on the ride will stay with you long after you close Sweet Georgia Brown. Ms Robinson certainly understands dreaming dreams have no limits and certainly when those dreams foundation is based on Him there are no limits.

    Ms.Robinson I would like to thank you so much for your “feel better” contribution.

    Reader’s Paradise

  2. Missy at 3:14 pm

    Cheryl my friend this comment is personally for you:

    faith being sure of what we hope for, certain for what we do not see!
    Ohh wee I am certainly hoping for Sweet Georgia Brown to hit the New York Times Best-selling list, I am certain that it will be on the Essence bestselling list real soon if it is not already.

    Take care
    Stay in His Grip
    Isaiah 43;19