THE JOURNEY | Different Directions

Different Directions
by Becky DeWitt

Now that time has allowed us to experience the first month of the New Year, now what? We have had time to review and prepare plans that we think will manifest during this special year. Why is it so special? One reason is that it is a leap year. It might take a leap of faith to enter into a time of new beginning. Many have fasted and prayed seeking the Lord for direction during the month of January. Others have made plans and scheduled events without any thought as to what the will of God is for their lives for this year.

This is a time to shake off the residue of the previous year so that we can transition into the new beginning. We have crossed over into a time like never before. There must be an emptying out of the old in order to receive the new. Many opportunities will be presented through open doors for you to ascend to new levels, beyond what your eyes have seen and your mind can even imagine. This period of your existence has been ordained before the foundation of all that is seen and all of heaven is looking at you.

Our mindset must be open to that which God is imparting into our spirit for this appointed time. A change should be evident in your thinking as you mature and transition through the first part of the year. Maturity breeds transition and change. There are divine connections, divine opportunities, and divine releases of kingdom mysteries that were hidden for you, for this set time in your life. You mind has to be ready to receive the mysteries and destiny secrets that originate in the throne room.

Reflecting on the past has a double edge. On one hand, reflecting makes one aware of what has not been accomplished from the ideas and goals that were set in the past. Excuses are the comfort that cushions the reality of stagnation. The other side is to reset the mind to add new ideas and goals once again. We are really reaching for the future with one hand, while reaching back to the past with the other. Both hands are needed to reach in the same direction in order to produce effective results of the change that we so desperately desire every year.

Do you know that Jesus not only shed His blood for your salvation, but for you mind as well? One of the places that He shed His blood was in the garden praying in agony before the trial for the cross. The sweat was as great drops of blood falling to the ground. Strengthened only by an angel as His disciples slept through it all. The blood was taking dominion over the ground from which Adam was formed. When God breathed into Adam to become a living soul, there was a deposit of God’s spiritual DNA and God’s thoughts. Through the deception in the Garden of Eden, Adam lost dominion and creativity in his thought life. But when Jesus rose up from His position of prayer, He recovered all and was ready to meet the destiny placed before Him. At one point when the soldiers came to arrest him in John 18, the power of His words expressed His dominion and authority. All He said was, “I am He”, and they all fell backward to the ground. The I AM, that I AM was being revealed.

Remember the crown of thorns? Thorns are leafless and sharp. The crown that was placed on His brow pierced the entire circle of His head. He shed blood for every part of your mind. “And be renewed in the spirit of your mind.” (Ephesians 4:23). Therefore if your spirit is renewed through the new birth experience, your mind can also be made new.

Why is the battlefield always in the mind? It is the place where creativity begins. The battle against negative thoughts in the natural is a fight for every inch of your thought life. Every vain imagination must be cast down. There can be no time to reason or wonder. Reasoning is the seed of doubt and does not line up with the word of God. Don’t forget what happened to Eve in the Garden of Eden. The enemy will creep in through this open door.

It all begins with a thought that comes from the throne room or the pit. The battle for occupancy is intense. The enemy knows that he has lost the spirit through rebirth, but he still attempts to access the mind through the thoughts, setting the stage for corruption. His job is to steal, kill, and destroy, (John 10:10). Once the thought goes into the cycle of repetition in the mind, there is the download into the heart for the strategic result, which is the action of a spoken word to breed negativity. The enemy will use your mouth to release words into the atmosphere after he has injected his thoughts into your mind. There is no – oops, it just slipped out. Whatever has settled and found place to grow in your heart, negative or positive, it will come out.

We must have the mind of Christ to rise up with the authority and power of the blood that was shed to position us. You must resist thinking like the systems of this world, which are controlled by the “prince of the power of the air.” (Ephesians 2:2). Do not let the enemy limit your thinking. The kingdom is bigger and more abundant that you can ever imagine. Always remember your position. You have been “raised up and made to sit in heavenly places in Christ Jesus.” (Ephesians 2:6).

Let’s approach the throne this year with an unlimited mindset. Perhaps if we pursue the mind of Christ with passion like never before, the Holy Spirit would make known to us some of the vast mysteries of the mind of God. Do you think that God wants to share His divine secrets with us? Get into position, wait and see. He is searching and waiting for the vessels that He not only will talk to, but trust with kingdom changing strategic information. He wants His people to experience a more intimate relationship with Him. This is a time of intimacy for the Bride of Christ, as preparation is made for the arrival of the Groom.

And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect will of God.” – Romans 12:2


As a Christian author, her writings reveal trials and tribulations as well as edification to the soul. Her books express the need to talk about Jesus Christ from the ordinary everyday perspective with titles that are uncommon and the cover art as well. Recently, her company, Blood Drop Inheritance Group launched into the area of Christian greeting cards. Promise Cards are uniquely designed with words of divine inspiration. Currently, there are four different collections, the shield, the leaves, the garden, and the beach, with beauty in each display. Becky is a member of Tree of Life Ministries under the leadership of Pastor Elaine W. Green. Becky lives and works in the Grand Strand Community of Myrtle Beach, SC.