A Worthy Project

From the Desk of Alex Ellis

Dear Brothers,

This is a call to my brothers. I have been sensing an urgency as it pertains to the state of our young men. Often times in our own quest to achieve “success” in life we can easily find ourselves so enamored in our own ambitions that we lose touch with those struggling around us. I am deeply concerned about the plight of our young brothers. Their image, among other things, is suffering. They are in dire need of another image to be modeled. It is not the responsibility of the government to have to pass laws about sagging pants to bring home the message of the power of ones image. It is our responsibility to ban together as fathers, grandfathers, uncles, big brothers, elders, and mentors to raise the bar and set a new standard.

It is out of this heart that I organized the Tied To Greatness™ initiative. This is an image program designed to empower young men to make quality decisions regarding their personal image from the inside out. At the heart of this program is the “Tie Tying Ceremony” where men, from all walks of life, teach our younger males in attendance how to tie a tie. This simple yet power act is a “rite of passage” many of them will never experience.

Through this program, it is my earnest desire to see us as men join forces and overwhelm these young men with images of distinguished, well dressed, successful, educated, articulate men of color. It is essential that every man play a part, no matter what his salary or level of education is. It is crucial that they know that we care. With the state of missing men in many of their homes we must step up to the plate and become deliberate about taking care of our own.

So, I’m making a call, a national call to brothers to join the Tied To Greatnessinitiative and become a symbol of hope. Many of these young men feel like helpless victims to their circumstances. However, what they don’t realize is many of us have similar experiences and yet we made it and our forefathers made it and they can make it to because they are Tied To Greatness.

Please visit the Tied to Greatness website at www.tiedtogreatness.org and register to meet us in a city near you. Alone I am a voice, but together we become a movement. The time is now to restore pride and dignity in the image of our young brothers and they must first see it is us.

Yours in the struggle,
Alex O. Ellis