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National best selling multicultural romance writer, Francine Craft, has fans and new readers of her work buzzing with excitement over the release of her latest Kimani Romance novel and Never Without You Again Virtual Book Tour!

Francine Craft is the pen name of Washington, D.C. based writer who has enjoyed writing for many years.

“Well, I’m a very positive, low key, and down to earth person. I’m an earth lover and find most of earth’s wonders fascinating! There are times that I’m quiet and seem depressed. But that is due to me withdrawing within a bit and allowing my mind the time to relax, relate, and formulate new story ideas! Though I’ve been living on the East Coast for quite some time, in my heart – I’m a country woman. I was born and raised in a small Mississippi town; I later attended college in Virginia and then moved to New Orleans, a favorite US city of mine! Though it saddens me to think of what happened to that fine city and the people there during Hurricane Katrina, it’s my deepest desire and prayer that the city will make a strong come back and be better than ever before!

I AM A ROMANCE WRITER TO THE BONE! I have a deep and abiding love for romance because I believe it is fundamental in any life! I’ve been writing since 1995 and have a total of 20 titles – 16 novels and 4 anthologies. Never Without Again is my latest Kimani release and a story that I am extremely passionate about. The story of Hunter Davis and Theda Coles has been in many head for a long time. Hunter and Theda were young, ill-fated lovers who found each other again in their thirties, both having married and lost others. But they were also fated to marry, and this story tells how that comes about. What happens to Theda as she seeks to become principal of a high school is a story of what can happen when human wretchedness shows its ugly head. Hunter’s evil ex-wife still stop at nothing to get him back. She uses compromising fake photos to discredit Theda and upset the whole community. She tried to ruin Theda’s career and end her relationship with Hunter, but her scheming backfires. Her efforts only bring Hunter and Theda closer together, and nothing will stop them now.

I hope you enjoy reading, Never Without You . . . Again, just as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please enter my promotional contest for this book below or stop by my official website or MySpace profile for more information.”


Dear Readers and Friends,

I’m hosting a wonderful contest with the release of my new Kimani Romance, NEVER WITHOUT YOU AGAIN — four first prizes from Harry and David carrying yummy boxes of fruit, candies, etc.

The rules are quite simple!

Send an email with the answers to the following questions:

1) What are the names of the lead man and woman in this story?
2) What is the name of the ex-wife?
3) What are the names of the lead woman’s late husband and son?

Be sure to include your full name, complete mailing address, and  telephone number.

The contest runs from October 2007 through December 3l, 2007.
Prizes will be distributed by or before January 31, 2008. Send your email entry to: (just replace-at- with @ to send your email entry)

Good luck and please don’t fail to enter. Contestants have been delighted with their prizes!!!

With love and best wishes,


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