INTERVIEW | Dwan Abrams

Dwan, describe yourself for our visitors.

I’m a full-time novelist, editor and publisher. That keeps me pretty busy. However, I enjoy spending quality time with my family. I have a four year old daughter, and she’s a bundle of energy. We enjoy watching horror movies together, and playing in the park. I love to travel, especially to beach locales. Whenever I go on vacation, I like to collect souvenir spoons.

How do you find time to connect with God?

My relationship with God is very important to me. I start my day with reading the Word and praying. Even though I have a lot going on throughout the day, I try to find a few minutes where I can have complete quiet for prayer and meditation. It’s not always easy to do at home, but that’s all right. When I’m in the car alone, I drive in silence and pray. And in the evening, I pray before going to bed.

Who are your favorite authors?

I enjoy reading books by many different authors, in various genres, so it’s hard for me to narrow it down. However, if I had to base it on the authors who I have more than one of their books, then it would be easier. In that case, I’d have to say: Eric Jerome Dickey, Terry McMillan, E. Lynn Harris, Kendra Norman-Bellamy, Mary Monroe, and Marissa Monteilh. Favorite books? I’ve been fortunate to read some very entertaining, well-written books. As far as my favorite reads go, I prefer inspirational/motivational. My favorite books include: Do You! by Russell Simmons, Your Best Life Now by Joel Osteen, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, The Prayer of Jabez by Bruce Wilkinson, Seasons of a Woman’s Life by Lois Evans, and Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks.

Tell us about your journey to publication.

My journey to publication has been an interesting one. My first novel, The Scream Within, was published in 2004 by iUniverse. I’m really thankful to have published that book, because I met so many wonderful people, and learned a lot about the industry and myself. Initially, I had so many misconceptions about what becoming a published author entailed. Because of the feedback I received from readers and fellow authors about The Scream Within, I honed my skills and became a better writer.

Two years later, I released my second book, Only True Love Waits. I had interest for Only True Love Waits from a mainstream publisher, but I decided not to go that route. For one, they wanted me to make it twice as long as the original manuscript. And two, it would’ve taken two years before it hit the shelves. So I prayed about it, and decided to publish through PublishAmerica instead. I don’t regret that decision. Readers have been very receptive to Only True Love Waits, and the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. I even had a military lady email me from Germany just to tell me how much she enjoyed my book. She informed me that her mother and sister also had copies, and loved it. That meant a lot to me. Only True Love Waits was also nominated for the 2007 POWER Award by Pen of the Writer in the Best Fiction category.

Since the release of Only True Love Waits, I’ve had some exciting opportunities arise. The first was being able to participate in The Midnight Clear: Stories of Love, Hope and Inspiration anthology. The anthology was released in November 2006. I was honored to contribute a short story along with twenty other authors, including best-selling authors: Kendra Norman-Bellamy, Tia McCollors, Stacy Hawkins Adams, and Patricia Haley. Amongst that distinguished bunch was also teen author, Brittney Holmes.

During that time, I was fortunate enough to complete my manuscript, Divorcing the Devil. I must give credit where credit is due, so here goes. Kendra Norman-Bellamy, who is my friend and writing mentor, is the reason why I started writing Christian/Inspirational fiction. After reading one of her novels, I realized that writing in that genre was more in alignment with my personal beliefs. When I told Kendra about my decision, she encouraged me and recommended that I submit my current manuscript, Divorcing the Devil, to Urban Christian. To show you how things work out for good for those who love the Lord, I submitted to Urban Christian only, and landed a two-book deal. Through them, my book, Divorcing the Devil, will be released in May 2008.    

Tell us about your current book? 

My latest novel, Only True Love Waits, is a romantic suspense. Xavier Robert’s life seems to be coming together. He’s engaged to be married to an incredible woman, Summer Love, and he’s an aspiring rapper who recently signed a record deal. When Xavier was diagnosed with testicular cancer, rather than lean on his fiancée for strength, he called off the wedding. Leaving Summer feeling alone and rejected.

In an effort to move on with her life, Summer pours her energy into running her company, Spa Nevaeh. Ryan Kennedy, CEO of the record label that signed Xavier, begins to pursue Summer romantically. After learning about Ryan’s troubled past, he intrigues Summer, and they begin to date. Once completing medical treatment for his condition, Xavier comes back into Summer’s life. When Summer breaks up with Ryan to be with Xavier, Ryan reveals a dark side of himself, which results in deadly consequences.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

I love books that have unpredictable outcomes, and twists and turns. While writing Only True Love Waits, I didn’t have an outline, and I really didn’t know how it would end. I simply wanted a few surprises along the way. Once I started writing, the story basically took on a life of itself. 

List your most recent books.

My most recent books are Only True Love Waits, The Midnight Clear anthology, and Divorcing the Devil will be forthcoming in May 2008.

What’s next for you?

I’m currently finishing up on my second Urban Christian title, Married Strangers, which will be released in December 2008. Afterwards, I’ll be co-authoring a non-fiction book that will be turned into a movie. I’m really excited about both projects. And I’ll be a contestant on the upcoming reality show, The Ultimate Author! 

Where can visitors find you online?

I’m all over the Web. My author site is, and publishing site is I’m even on MySpace at and