Creating the STAR in Your Heart

God given dreams are so amazing. They fuel us with passion, determination, expectancy, desire, inspiration and motivation to fulfill our purpose here on earth. You are blessed and fortunate to know in your heart that you have a creative talent (one of many I’m sure!) and that there are thousands if not millions of people praying for a book just like yours. Can you imagine how meaningless life would be without the star in your heart?

As a published or aspiring Christian author, I’m sure you’ve prayed and asked God for direction. You most likely consider writing a ministry and consider everything you write very carefully. Being an author looks like such a glamorous, exciting career to have, but very few authors speak of their disappointments, hard work, set backs and triumphs. As with any career there are hills to climb. Some say overnight success takes ten years. (I can attest to that!)

For you it may be completing the first hundred pages, for someone else it may be landing a reputable literary agent, and for another it may be finding the perfect marketing expert to market the message in your book.

Where ever you may be in this stage of creating — or creating awareness of your dream, know this: that the Lord is the best partner you could ever have in any career. Sitting still for 10 minutes a day and actually seeking His face for direction will carve years and years of mistakes, wrong turns and frustration from your career. It doesn’t mean that everything will be easy or perfect — but, what this does mean is with wisdom and revelation knowledge you can avoid a lot of potential problems and derailments, and equally important, the Lord will provide you with favor, mentors and people to show up at just the right time to help you get to the next step or the next level. Writing can be a solitary lonely endeavor, connecting with others on your journey is critical to receiving divine inspirations, support and courage to continue on. Don’t give up.

I hear from Christian authors that they are conflicted about making money from selling their books. Often times they short sell themselves just to be published and their book doesn’t reach the masses of people that could really benefit from its message because they do not allocate adequate funding. Some even feel they deserve a shopping spree of sorts as soon as they receive their advance. Your advance should always be allocated to marketing, advertising and promotion. The more books you sell thru means you are reaching more people; the more people you reach means more opportunities and quite possibly rising up to mid list or larger publishers.

The message in your novel or book could be simple: laugh more, love more, and trust God. Or it could be more serious like abuse in marriage, overcoming a promiscuous lifestyle, etc. There is great value in all genres of fiction and nonfiction, and definitely give yourself permission to do well by doing good.

When you focus on service, the money follows. We must always be clear that it takes money to spend and a whole lot of favor to succeed in the global market place. Don’t sell yourself short. You deserve nothing less that the highest good that the Lord has purposed for your life.


Marina Woods is the Founder and Chief Marketing Officer of – A Christian resource promotions company reaching thousands of women who love to discover, buy and discuss Christian resources. For more info: