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Tracee Lydia Garner is a national best-selling author. Family Affairs was not the first story she wrote but it was the first successfully completed and the one she says started it all. FAMILY AFFAIRS appears in the All That & Then Some anthology with BET/Sepia Books. Family Affairs won the grand-prize award, receiving an advance, a book contract, a trip to New York to accept her award and most importantly having her work published by BET Books.

Her fourth release, Love Unchosen, is three books in one about the Watt women: three, entrepreneurial sisters on the brink of love.

Tracee maintains that she is a creative writer as well as a journalist that enjoys writing "how to" articles, and articles of personal experience, both tragic and inspirational on the disability, African-American and woman experience, not necessarily in that order.

Tracee maintains that as her writing career takes center stage, she will always be disabled, and thus she must and always will be committed to the advancement and removal of barriers for persons with disabilities.  Visit Tracee online at


  Love Unchosen: A Novel
By Tracee Garner

The Watts sisters have spent most of the lives focused on their careers-until big sister Geena launches her own design company, Watts Your Style. Not only does she find success, but she finds true love with her client Dr. Justin Webster, a recovering alcoholic. After getting married and giving birth to her son, Geena looks to her sisters to help run her company and hopes in the process they, too, will find true love.

At her older sibling’s request, middle sister Vashton returns to Virginia from North Carolina where she has run to escape the demons of her past and finds herself falling head over heels for Romeyo Payton, her ex-best friend’s brother-in-law who is raising his nephew.

At her sisters’ urging, baby girl, Ellie, relocates her virtual job as a professional organizer to help out as well. When rude client Husten Montgomery comes in with his bratty daughter, Ellie is determined to ignore her attraction and stay as far away as possible from the handsome man to avoid reminders of the loss of her own daughter.

Despite their close bond and their drive, each sister comes to realize true love is the greatest gift of all.


Do you ever have a hard time letting go of a character after the novel is finished?

I mourn the end of ALL my books – it’s like the character died, but I tell myself that they have moved on with their lives and sometimes they get reincarnated in new characters I create, so some have never left me completely. I visit with them through thoughts, and think about what they would be doing now, which usually simply means having a family, moving up in their careers, whatever they do often echoes or symbolizes what I’m doing or what I want to do with myself and my own life.

What should a new writer know about the publishing business?

Keep your emotional ties in check. I have grown up so much since winning BET’s first time writer’s contest. It was so awesome and in 2001 when I won, I put on, learned my business attire well. I took a chance, yes, by using AuthorHouse with this project but it’s great. It’s tougher self publishing, there are still some obstacles out there, but nothing compares to the rewards.

Honestly, can I also just say that life is so short and all I really wanted was a cartoon cover. Sounds silly but I’d have to wait forever to reach this status so I worked with a designer and created my own. Total creative control! And I get to write what I want my way. No one telling me oh that’s too garish, or too bold and for heaven’s sake I get to let people kiss and grope just a little in MY versions. J Some Christian fiction is just too stringent, I mean really, don’t these people get worked up or have issues with their own desire? Sure they do, well at least they do in real life and I want my book to seem like real life; where people get a little ahead of themselves but still have values and reel it in, not go around acting like they are nuns and clergy in a convent.

I think Tyler Perry has mastered that, giving us the sensuality without the raunchiness and that’s ultimately what I want to do.


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