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Dear Father,

How is it possible for me to say anything that has not been said before? In my limited time as your humble servant, I have gallivanted around, stumbling in the midst of my own iconoclastic behavior. Even in my spiritually-drunken stupor, you were there to prop me up and show me the straight line to saunter across. Why did you do it? With all of my godly betrayal and my blatant refusal to recognize you as my Lord and Savior, you remained the centerpiece of my every breath. A love such as this is hard for me to fathom.

How do I make out the words to tell you everything that you are to me? At one point in my life, I was a highly sought after secular writer. My work was seen all over the world, and appreciated by many. I was a young man, impressionable and susceptible to the many ideas that floated around in my environment. My aspiration was self-serving, egocentric in nature, and my actions spoke of a man that longed to be superior to others. The minute that I got too big for my britches, you took every ambition I had and buried them in the deepest sea. As my sorrow increased, my egomania slowly began to decrease. As my egomania decreased, the knowledge of your love began to rapidly increase. As my love affair with you began to increase, every idol and iniquitous idea began to die in my heart.

What can I say that will be any different from what I have already said? The pain of cleaning up my idolatry and my proud nature were comparable to the birth pangs of a husbandless woman. There was nowhere to turn and no rock to climb under. You took my asinine disposition and struck it down as lightening. In no uncertain terms, you let me know that your glory will NEVER be compromised for my temporal ambitions. If I was ever to write again, it would only be for the purposes of lifting up the name of Jesus.

I am attempting to say one word that will break the façade of any empty speech that I can conceive. In my studies, I was directed to Hosea 14:2, which reads “take with you words, and turn to the LORD: say unto him, Take away all iniquity, and receive us graciously: so will we render the calves of our lips.” Upon my reading this verse, the proverbial light bulb went off in my head. It finally dawned on me that Jesus wants the fullness of my praise. Any prior use of my writing gifts were exploited and utilized for attention that I was never meant to have. Once I came upon this colossal revelation, I needed to know what to say. Here goes…

Father, I love you with my entire soul. You are the keeper of my heart and the very rock of my being. You are my protector, my healer and my provider. There is nothing that I yearn for more than you. You are the reason that every crooked place in my life became straight. You are the reason that my children are healthy and my marriage survived the storm. You are the reason that my eyes can see the sunshine and my tongue can taste the sweet. When dread and despair attempted to ravage my mind, you were the reason that I stayed alive. When I toil and labor in the pursuit of nothing, you redeem me without sweat or soil. When every river dries and every cloud darkens the path, you are living water and the light of my trail. More importantly than any of this, you are my God, and without you, I am less than nothing.

To the reader:

While this may not be my first documented praise unto my God, I feel as if I have never raised a hand or come to Him with supplication. I have a multitude of praise to offer His name. I want my writings to spark a worship and adulation for Him that may short circuit your computer’s hard drive. My existence from this day forward will be purposed to lift up His name to every creature that has breath. While my walk may stumble and I may trip and fall along the way, I will extol the name of Jesus and present Him the praise that He is due. This is only the beginning. Welcome to my world. Welcome to Therapy Sessions.


Damainion Ewell is a well-traveled freelance journalist and a man on a mission. Formerly known in many secular arenas as "The Millennium Writer," Damainion took a God-imposed hiatus from journalism in late 2005 to concentrate on his family and other personal endeavors. Nearly two years later, Damainion is on the brink of his writing comeback, with a singular mission in mind: to glorify the name of Jesus Christ with every word that he writes. Damainion is currently working on two Christian literary offerings and enjoying life with his wife of seven years and their three wonderful children.

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  1. SonjaEwell at 3:08 am

    D, it has been my distinct pleasure watching you grow as a man of God. Every day you kill that flesh, I see the Spirit of the Most High rise within you. I am blessed, honored, and joyful to have you as my husband. It has been our combined faith and prayers that have brought us through the storm. I am excited to see what God has for us. I will take your challenge and get back to my spoken word. Your inspiration has provoked me to get back to the business of sharing life’s experiences (whether good or bad) with others so that they may overcome their own obstacles. I love this piece of transparency you have written.

    It is easy to get caught up in the praise of others when we have the type of gift God has given us. As we learned the hard way, man’s praise is not what we are looking for, as it promotes harmful pride, and persuades one to compete with God for praise. In this year 7 of our marriage, we will perfect our conquering of our flesh and promote the uplifting of Christ through the gifts he entrusted within us.

    I love you darling… and I continue to love you more each day than the day before. I thank God for that.

    Your other half,
    Sonja Ewell