INTERVIEW | Sheritha Bowman

Sheritha, describe yourself for our visitors.

I love God! After that, I love cheesecake. Ok, maybe not immediately after that. I do love my family, believe me I do. I love Gospel music, jazz music and the theatre. In my spare time, which is five minutes before I fall off to sleep, I enjoy reading novels.

How do you find time to connect with God?

I believe we have to MAKE time to connect with God. Our flesh would much rather sleep, relax, read books, write, eat cheesecake..anything other than get down on our knees and worship God. So rather than make God an afterthought, I make Him my first thought. As soon as He pulls back my eyelids in the morning, I go to my knees and praise Him, worship Him and thank Him for His goodness, thereby giving Him full reign to the rest of my day.

Tell us about your journey to publication.

Ten years ago, God commanded me to turn my pain into publication. For years I lived depressed as a woman married to an unbeliever. I would journal my pain. I would cry. Pray. Cry. Pray. That was until God challenged me and asked me did I want to just sulk about it or did I want to believe He could work a miracle? I chose the miracle. God said convert your journal into book form and start speaking about it. Open your mouth, share and watch Me move. I did and He did. I self-published my first book, Soul Inspiration for Woman Married to Unbelievers and four books later, I love my infant-in-Christ husband of 18 years!

Tell us about your current book?

DIARY OF A WOMAN PASTOR: One Woman’s Marvelous, Sometimes Painful, Sometimes Downright Humorous Journey to Rediscovering God’s Purpose is my personal journey of searching, doubting, slipping and falling, and ultimately rising up and rediscovering God’s true purpose for my life. Oftentimes, we find ourselves in relationships, ministries and careers that we no longer belong in. But for reasons of fear, pride, obligation and even greed, we remain. My book is all about finding the courage to make a change. It’s inspiring and it’s funny, too. Buy it and you get to read, among many things, my addiction to cheesecake! You can purchase it @ or request it through your local bookstore.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

I AM the book! I lived it. I made a wrong turn and I had to be bold enough to not only accept it, but confess it and move on with my head held high. Sometimes the devil will try and condemn us with our own thoughts and the words of others, but there is no condemnation to them which are in Jesus Christ. We have to know that God is a God who allows missteps and mistakes. He allows us to fall and get back up again!

List your three most recent books.

My first book was entitled, “Soul Inspiration for Woman Married to Unbelievers” My second, “This Too Shall Pass” and my third book, “E-mails for the Christian Soul: 102 Messages of Praise, Hope & Revelation. All available through

What’s next for you?

Wow. God has placed so much on my heart, sometimes I just sit back and ask God is He trying to be funny! My vision and dreams are neverending. Let’s see…I’m just about to roll out my third drama production on Septemeber 22nd (check it out @ and I’m also working on my fourth book which is a novel entitled, God, Do You Like Jazz Music? I’m really excited about writing my first novel. Something I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but it was only now that God released me to actually write it.

Where can visitors find you online?

Oh, I learned that I am Googlefabulous! Go to, put my name in and there are pages and pages on me! Yaay God! Stuff dating back to when I had a perm 10 years ago! You can also check me out @, and