INTERVIEW | Monica Carter Tagore

Monica, describe yourself for our visitors.

Hi, I am Monica Carter Tagore and I’m inspired by life. I have a range of interests, so there is always fodder for creative projects. I love watching football — especially the Dallas Cowboys. I enjoy spending time with my husband — doing pretty much anything, traveling, watching movies, eating out. And I enjoy fun time with a few good friends and family.

I love to challenge myself to greater heights. And those challenges have been the catalysts for great change and fulfillment — starting my own business, leaving Corporate America to run that business, writing and publishing books, running a marathon, and on. I truly believe God created us that we may enjoy life and be joys to others. I seek to share joy and inspiration with others in my work. I write inspirational fiction and inspirational nonfiction. My free newsletter, Creative Inspiration with Monica Carter Tagore, shares tools, tips and strategies to get more out of life.

I truly believe that saying: “Each day is God’s gift to us. How we spend each day is our gift to God.” When we spend our time doing meaningful things and helping others, then we give God a beautiful gift of ourselves.

How do you find time to connect with God? 

I am part of a women’s Bible study that has just started a new study: Loving Well. It’s a beautiful look at God’s love and how we are empowered by and through him to love others — even those we consider “hard” to love. It’s a wonderful way to connect with God as we get to know him on a different level. I connect with God through individual daily prayer, my Bible studies, and deep spiritual conversations with other spiritual people.

Who are your favorite authors? Favorite books?

My fiction favorites depend on my mood. I love projects by fellow inspirational authors such as Kendra Norman-Bellamy, Victoria Christopher-Murray and Lenora Worth. I also enjoy John Grisham’s legal thrillers and Keith Lee Johnson’s suspense. Ask me on a different day and you may get a different answer!

My nonfiction favorites include motivational and inspirational projects as well as books on personal finance and investing — pretty much anything by Robert Kiyosaki.

Tell us about your journey to publication.

In terms of my book projects, my journey to publication came via the self publishing route. I’ve never been one to leave my life up to the whims of others, because I believe God empowers us to make incredible strides in our lives. And when I felt led by God to write books, I also felt empowered by him to get those books onto the market. Through perseverance and hard work, he blessed me to land a publishing deal with Urban Christian, and I’m thankful for that, as it gives me an opportunity to share my work with a greater audience.

In terms of being paid to write, I’ve been blessed to have been a professional writer all of my adult life. I was first a journalist, then left that to run my own copywriting business, RootSky Creative, LLC, which I own and operate with my husband.

Tell us about your current book?

My current fiction project is Sacrifice the One, a story of faith, family and forgiveness. It’s a story of a father and daughter estranged from each other, looking for ways to come together — but neither wanting to do what it takes. Many families have faced this issue and I use this story to speak to hearts in a way that offers them the hope that relationships can be mended — even when we think there is no hope. A little bit of faith goes a long way.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

This book was, like most things I do, inspired by life. I originally wanted to tell a story of a husband and wife, a love story, but that evolved into a family drama encompassing more than the couple’s relationship, but the father’s and daughter’s.

What’s next for you?

On the fiction front, Scandalous Truth is due out in January 2009 by Urban Christian. It’s a story of a woman who has carefully created the “perfect” life. She is adored by her husband, who was her college sweetheart. She has a beautiful daughter. She is a talented photographer and a well-thought-of church member. But the life she has created isn’t as perfect as she’d like others to believe. And when her past comes back to jeopardize her present, she is faced with a decision many of us find ourselves dealing with: To keep trying to live a lie or to own up to and live in her own truth.

Where can visitors find you online?

I’m easy to find online. Visitors can check me out at I’m reachable by e-mail at