The Midnight Clear – Day 3

THE MIDNIGHT CLEAR is a collection of short stories by some of today’s most acclaimed and up and coming authors of Christian fiction. Set during the Christmas holiday, the stories offer themes of love, hope and inspiration.

This week we will hear from a few of authors included in this Christmas anthology.

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As 2006 comes to a close, did you learn any valuable lessons about being a writer this year? Would you mind sharing?

Stacy Hawkins Adams, author of Nothing But the Right Thing and Speak To My Heart

As published writers we’re often seeking ways to market, promote and spread the word about our books, as we should. However, I’ve found that it’s easy to sometimes get overwhelmed by how much I haven’t been able to accomplish. Then I’ll receive an email or note from someone who’s been blessed by my books and I’m reminded – again – that I’m just the vessel. While I continue to work diligently and with excellence, I’ve learned to trust that God will put my books and my stories in the hands of those who need it, when they need it the most.

Kendra Norman-Bellamy, author of More Than Grace and One Prayer Away

One of the most priceless lessons that I learned this year is just how powerful the written word is, especially when writing is also ministry. It’s my belief that when it’s ministry, you’re held to a higher standard. This year, I spent an afternoon with a book club group that had read one of my novels and what started out as a typical book discussion became somewhat of a therapy session. Tears were shed, “masks” were removed and hugs were the order of the day as several of the group members opened up and admitted to being able to personally relate to the storyline which touched on the subject of domestic violence. There were victims in the room and their book club sisters, those that fellowshipped with them on a monthly basis, had no idea. That experience taught me a powerful lesson. I learned that as a writer, I always want to be accountable for what I put on paper. I don’t want my stories to only entertain and educate. I want them to touch lives…impact futures….change outlooks. For me, it’s not good enough to be categorized just as a person who creates Christian fiction. I want to be known as a Christian who creates God-inspired stories that meet people at their point of need.

Patricia Haley, author Let Sleeping Dogs Lie and Still Waters

In 2006, I learned that writing is not my final destination. God used writing as a tool to help me realize my purpose, which is to use my life, writing talent, and motivational speaking ability to bless, encourage, and minister to others.

Tia McCollors, author Zora’s Cry and A Heart’s Devotion

I’ve returned to my joy and love of writing. I know that sounds simple, but sometimes as an author, you’re thinking about the next project or contract. I took my focus off of those things, and found out how much I missed the love of the craft and weaving together an experience for a reader. I’m back to that now so I know the projects and contracts will fall into place in God’s perfect timing.

Sonya Visor, author of Who I’ve Become, Is Not Who I Am

I learned that procrastination is not good for the soul! The Lord said that my people perish for the lack of knowledge is sure enough the truth. I almost lost fifty sales, due to procrastination. But the Lord is good – he turned it around and gave a sister a plan!

Whether you are a writer or not, feel free to share your advice from 2006 or goals for 2007 in the comment section below.