The Midnight Clear – Day 2

THE MIDNIGHT CLEAR is a collection of short stories by some of today’s most acclaimed and up and coming authors of Christian fiction. Set during the Christmas holiday, the stories offer themes of love, hope and inspiration.

This week we will hear from a few of authors included in this Christmas anthology.

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Do you have a favorite Christmas tradition?

Stacy Hawkins Adams, author of Nothing But the Right Thing and Speak To My Heart

One of my favorite traditions is filling the house with the scents of Christmas – baking cookies, cakes and bread and the pine of a live Christmas tree. My mother used to bake throughout the month of December, getting me in the “mood” for a great feast and celebration on the holiday. I love to invoke that same sense of the holiday in my home, with my children.

Kendra Norman-Bellamy, author of More Than Grace and One Prayer Away

Christmas is by far my favorite holiday. Not because of the commercial aspects of it, but because it is the only time of year when my entire immediate family makes plans to get together. As a tradition, we rotate our hosting and my parents, all of my siblings and I (along with our spouses and children) gather at the host house and we spend a couple of days together celebrating family the Spirit of the season. Because we live in different areas, we rarely see each other except during Christmastime, so this tradition of us getting together once a year for family prayer, dinner and gift exchange is very dear to me.

Patricia Haley, author Let Sleeping Dogs Lie and Still Waters

My husband (Jeffrey) and I have a wonderful tradition. Neither of us are big shoppers. So, we set a budget on how much we’re going to spend on each other. We pick a Saturday in December and make it our holiday shopping date day. We start with breakfast together, then we shop for my gifts in the morning, have lunch, then shop for his gifts together in the afternoon. We conclude with movie and dinner and it’s absolutely wonderful, fun, and a wonderful tradition for us.

Tia McCollors, author Zora’s Cry and A Heart’s Devotion

As children, my mother used to let me and my brother and sister open up one gift on Christmas Eve. I don’t know why that was so exciting, but we did it every year. Now that I have a family of my own, I’m looking forward to starting a tradition that my children will cherish and pass down through our generations.

Sonya Visor, author of Who I’ve Become, Is Not Who I Am

My family always reads the Christmas story to keep Jesus in the season and we enjoy my famous homemade sugar cookies!

Feel free to share your Christmas traditions in the comment section below.