The Midnight Clear – Day 1

THE MIDNIGHT CLEAR is a collection of short stories by some of today’s most acclaimed and up and coming authors of Christian fiction. Set during the Christmas holiday, the stories offer themes of love, hope and inspiration.

This week we will hear from a few of authors included in this Christmas anthology.

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Tell us a little about your short story included in the anthology, The Midnight Clear?

Stacy Hawkins Adams, author of Nothing But the Right Thing and Speak To My Heart

My story is titled The Inheritance. It is the story of Gabrielle and her two siblings, who have been estranged from each other for several years, but especially since the aunt who raised them died. They are stunned to receive letters regarding Aunt Clara’s will, informing them that unless they gather together for Christmas, they won’t receive their inheritance. To honor their beloved aunt, and because they are indeed interested in what she has willed to them, they get together for what turns out to be a rocky reunion. The inheritance they receive isn’t what they’re expecting – it’s even better.

Kendra Norman-Bellamy, author of More Than Grace and One Prayer Away

My creation is entitled Three Wyze Men and it “stars” Jake, Steven and Daryl Wyze, owners of one of the most successful catering and events planning services in Atlanta, GA. Jake is the seventy-year-old founder of the business and the father of thirty-four-year-old Steven, who is being groomed to take over the business, and seventeen-year-old Daryl, who adds an interesting “twist” to the family. Steven, who is the major character, has a past that includes bullying and promiscuity and one upcoming Christmas event that is being catered by his family-owned company presents him with the rare opportunity to beg the pardon of a former classmate that he mistreated as a teenager. The story is about the importance of finding forgiveness and the surprises that can develop in the process.

Patricia Haley, author Let Sleeping Dogs Lie and Still Waters

The Greatest Gift centers around Lee Warner, a security guard who is determined to make this Christmas extra special for his four children — he has to if they’re ever going to enjoy a sense of normalcy. Losing his wife less than a year ago has created challenges he never dreamed possible. But Christmas would be different. His family would celebrate with a newborn zeal and sense of hope. When Marty, an assailant, enters the store wielding a gun and a ‘don’t care about life’ attitude, calamity whisks in. Lee gets shot. Struggling to hang on, he attempts to reach the spiritual and emotional despair of his assailant at risk to his own life. He needs a miracle, the kind that only God can provide.

Tia McCollors, author Zora’s Cry and A Heart’s Devotion

The Perfect Present gives readers a peek into the life of Simone Alexander when she’s briefly untied with a former high school classmate, Lincoln Crawford.Through their brief encounter, Lincoln teaches her about the true meaning of Christmas, and gives her a gift she’ll never forget.

Sonya Visor, author of Who I’ve Become, Is Not Who I Am

My story is about how the church should always operate in love to believers and non-believers. In the story Malik stayed away from the church because the people were so fake. Rainey reaches out and embraces Malik because he was free and not even in the church. She was able to take the mask off and Malik saw the church through Rainey’s demonstration of how the church should be.