Overcoming Who You Were to Become Who You Are

Overcoming Who You Were to Become Who You Are

by Alvin C. Romer, Columnist

The greatest challenge in life is to rise above iniquity to authorize and orchestrate change. This struggle involves one to be mindful of what has to be done to for a modicum of success, which would include dedication, determination, and discipline to start anew. In this essay, I will attempt to produce aspects that will allow stability to reinforce the right mannerisms to materialize from different perspectives. First and foremost, one must look in the mirror to visualize what is seen outwardly to project inner provisions to produce the potentiality to become much more. To achieve this, the basic questions will always be to ask – how are you living? What are the misfortunes that should not be a part of your life? Are there anything that would insure that your chances of seeing the footprints of One that begs you to follow for the best example possible? Yes, there are things that should be exercised to warrant change.

I would readily pose these questions to anyone living outside of a meaningful and spiritual life to do the things necessary to have a new lease on life, and to make their election and calling as sure as possible. For sure, there are a plethora of things that can be the genesis for better qualities of life. At some point of your existence you will have had that timely bout with fate where reality is the short distance between letting go and let God! For this to happen I will bring a few things to be tabled to help you alone. If you are among the multitude of people who are fed up with your sordid life and want to elicit some measure of balance in your life, what better way to start the process by looking within. One you start with self, other initiatives will be the wellspring for a domino effect to topple the demons that tend to wreck havoc on the best-laid plans.

Once you go beyond your immediate vicinity, the next plateau is to strengthen your familial ties. Be the best father you can by holding dominion living and proclaiming life the way our Father in heaven has decreed you should live. Love your wife in an Agape way, train up your children so that they will not turn from it, and love thy neighbor. Go out in your communities and embrace the church. Congregate and be what you can be in building up the Kingdom. Our churches are the only bastions left to solidify all that I’ve introduced above, for it’s with the true measure of salvation that you will be able to see any change for the good that is destined for you and yours. I remember how my life changed with making options more discernable for me to have the opportunity to get right with good intent. And that meant that I had to be in position to go through the obstacles the Lord purposely put in place to allow faith to be one of the main ingredients for me to grasp and hold on to. I would like for you to follow the same dictates for I’m a living witness that they work! For instance, take a look below at how a few venues I list can be about the type of change you need to be prosperous:

Recognize the worth of spiritual fortitude – What this is implying has a lot to do with accepting the Lord in your life. In order to be the steward of good faith, one first has to create a special bonding with the Holy Spirit through Jesus Christ.

Make viable choices – I like to think that the choices you make (or don’t make) in life have a lot to do with current and subsequent standing in life. Discernable options are those that are first on the palette when change is eminent. To do this rationally, deductive reasoning comes into play, understanding logic, and just plain common sense to know that one you make a stand you must follow through on works.

Employ a self-denial strategy – What this means is that you must have a disciplined demeanor and mindset to know that you are truly in denial of previous sin and to go about doing that, which is pleasing to God! We are human and tend to backslide and allow apostasy to undermine our best intent to change. This is where you can gain the victory and shame the devil! But I will be a test of your will to persevere.

Understand the inner reality of who you really are – More often than not we procrastinate and talk a good game. Compromise is a powerful ally to allow you to go back on your word, but once you mature beyond obstacles that will entice you to further fortify your weakness, you will immediately become stronger. Thus, knowing who you are will give you plenty of insight to where you need to go.

True growth demands that you take on other challenges. You must believe and claim the victory…believe too, that you are capable of becoming whoever you want to become. You will then be aware that the potential to become much more than what is being manifested by your outward appearance. I surmise that effective change starts with the mind, with it being clear and decisive as to where you should be after a certain time in your life. To believe it, you must think it! Endeavor to make appropriate adjustments without compromise and you will surely be on the right track in overcoming that person you once was. A new you is attainable in all things that are righteous and true!

About the Author

Alvin C. Romer is a Freelance writer and Essayist from Miami, Fl; Copyright © 2006. Visit him at his website: www.theromerreview.com