INTERVIEW | Tia McCollors

Tia, describe yourself for our visitors.

I’m a new mother of an inquisitive son who’s growing up way too fast. When I’m not figuring out new ways to entertain him, I squeeze in some cooking time so that me and my husband can snuggle up together with a meal and a good movie. I usually only get long moments of music listening time when I’m in the car. I’m a contemporary gospel and R&B oldies but goodies kind of girl. I have a thing for scrapbooking and one of these days I’m going to finish albums for these stacks of photos I have stored.

How do you find time to connect with God?

It’s usually early in the morning before anyone else in my house stirs. I don’t have a specific time, just whenever I wake up. I try to pray and read scripture as soon as I wake up before the day “sweeps me away.” I talk to God all day, but we have some great conversations during car rides.

Tell us about your current book?

Zora’s Cry is like a Lifetime movie in a book. It’s the story of four women, each with their own issues and at a different place in their walk with God. The main character, Zora is five months away from her wedding when she discovers that she’s adopted. To help deal with the emotional turmoil, she joins a multi-church women’s discipleship group. Her heart gets knitted to three other women – Monet, Paula and Belinda. Each of the women are harboring their own secret, but it’s not until they strip down the facades and get real that the true healing begins. It’s very powerful and a great read for people who appreciate the power of friendships.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

The idea for the book was inspired by a women’s discipleship group that I participated in at church. I learned so much about the burdens and issues that women carry and the power we have through Jesus Christ to overcome them. I allowed God to dictate what issues would be addressed in each of the characters.

List your most recent books.

A Heart of Devotion (January 2005)
Zora’s Cry (June 2006)

What’s next for you?

I’m currently working on the sequel to Zora’s Cry. I’m not sure what the title will be yet, but it will take readers back into the lives of the four characters they met earlier. I also participated in The Midnight Clear, an anthology that will be released in November. It’s a Christmas anthology project that features both established and aspiring Christian fiction authors.