INTERVIEW | Leslie Ann Dauphin, Ph.D.

Dr. Dauphin, describe yourself for our visitors.

I am a devoted wife and mother with a love for teaching, writing, movies and outdoor activities. I was born and raised in Detroit, MI, but reside in Atlanta, GA. Currently, I work as a scientist for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and I am also a health columnist. For over 10 years I have taught, lectured and conducted public speaking events in the areas of science, health and parenting. I have a sincere desire to help families and serve to promote health and education in my community through participation in volunteer organizations. I am an active member of World Changers Church International in College, Park, GA.

How do you find time to connect with God?

I have a permanent connection with God and I know that He is with me at all times. It is this connection that gives me strength and enables me to carry out my purpose. Prayer, worship and Bible reading are a part of my daily life. I also spend much time in fellowship with my husband and family members, at my church, and with friends.

Tell us about your current book?

The Germ Handbook was written to teach families how to apply scientific and biblical principles to protect themselves from common infectious diseases. It describes the different types of germs, how they are spread, and how to stop them in their tracks. Included is information about common infectious diseases such as colds, flu, pneumonia, strep throat, and chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. The Germ Handbook is a family-friendly guide to preventing disease and maintaining health.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

I have a lot of interaction with parents through volunteer activities and organizations. What I have learned is that most people care about the health of their family members, but are unaware of basic healthy habits. I was led to write this book to help people by teaching them the basics about germs and how to prevent germs from making them sick.

Describe your journey to publication.

My journey to publication is real testimony. Shortly after outlining the book I had hopes of it being published by a notable Christian publisher. I was led to write a publishing proposal to the Strang Communications book group. They loved the idea and invited me to meet with the publishing executives. Within a couple of weeks I was given a publishing contract. They have done an awesome job with publishing and marketing this book and I am very grateful for the opportunity.

What’s next for you?

I really enjoy working as a scientist, and I will continue to write and do public speaking. Currently, I am a health columnist/contributor for Charisma and SpritLed Woman magazines and I plan to continue writing books and health columns for Christian publishers.

Where can visitors find you online?

Thanks for your time Dr. Dauphin!