INTERVIEW | Cheryl R. Carter

Cheryl, describe yourself for our visitors.

I am a rather busy yet not consumed home schooling mother of three. I have also written and self published time management and organizing books. I speak regularly at churches, women retreats and organizations on issues of time management and spiritual growth. I also assist my husband in his ministry to families ( in crisis and we regularly do parenting, marriage and family workshops.

In my spare time I enjoy reading, spending time with my husband and kids and doing anything but writing. I enjoy various genres but especially like books whether fiction or nonfiction that inspire me to grow and change or provide me with insights. Everyday, I strive to be more like Jesus than the day before and enjoy doing anything that aids me in that process.

How do you find time to connect with God?

Actually this question is the basis of my book Chasing God and the Kids Too and the
reality is this book is based on the age old struggle that all Christians have and that struggle is how do we reconcile the divine to our daily lives. All of us as Christians have struggled with this issue for mothers it becomes how do we walk in the in the power of the Spirit while dealing with the dirty diapers, runny noses, sleepless nights and bad attitudes. I considered myself a rather strong Christian but as a mother, I struggled with seemingly simple things like having a regular quiet time. Most of the books I read just heaped guilt on me because they would tell me where I should be but not how to get there. Chasing God and the Kids Too joins the spiritual to the practical so moms can accomplish what God is calling them to do.

As mothers, the two most important pursuits should be that daily we passionately pursue the heart of God and at the same time pursue the hearts of our children because our children see God through our us. It is a heavy burden to bear, yet at the same time it is an awesome calling as a mother. As a mother we get to share in the privilege of being like God. God is a Creator who wooes our hearts to Himself. In fact, if you look at scripture, particularly New Testament references you will see the Holy Spirit sounds a lot like a good mother. He comforts us, teaches us and guides us. This is such a definition of a godly mother.

Throughout scripture godly mothers impacted not just their children but whole generations and people groups. My husband is very much involved in the Christian men’s movement and I do affirm that men have an influence on their families but we must also understand that a mother has a profound effect on her children’s walk with God especially in the formative years. My daughter wrote a poem in the book entitled The Reason God Created Mothers. What struck me about the poem (and by the way I have spoken with other children who have this same view) is how much our children define God by our actions. When we are impatient with them they assume God is impatient. It is important that we daily stay connected to God such that He daily pours in us so we can accurately reflect His image to our children.

Tell us about your journey to publication.

Orginally Chasing God and the Kids Too was a self published book. While attending the Philadelphia’sChristian Writers Conference the book was represented to Baker Publishing who liked the book. I encourage all writers to attend at least one writing conference.

Tell us about your current book?

My book expresses my heart for Christian mothers to have relationships with their children in eternity. In our lifetimes, God gives us two things resources, and relationships. The resources are our material possessions, and the tangible things our gifts, talents and abilities may gain for us. It is true God has called us to possess the land but more importantly He has given us relationships. Our relationships are the only thing that will last for eternity. One day I will stand before Jesus, not in some ephemeral way but I will really stand before the judgment throne and I am convinced He will look at me and ask me what did you do with Derek, Jarett, Janae and Jolene- my family. I won’t share with you everything I will say to Him because I want my words to be few. I pray my actions will speak louder than my words as I turn and point to my family. I know they will be standing right there in glory with me unencumbered by time. I pray the LORD says to me as he reviews in his book how I spent my time “Well done my good and faithful servant.”

Every Christian mother wants the LORD to say the same thing about her and her family. So when we start planning our days and organizing our homes we have to do so around eternal purpose. Most time management just centers on doing more by making elaborate laundry to-do lists. Time management for mothers is so much more. Our time is relational and most time management books/ programs center on doing more when God calls us to be more. A mother’s time does not fit into neat little time slots. No matter how many times I tried to schedule diaper changes my kids just didn’t cooperate. Traditional time management does account for your talkative teenager. If you don’t take the time to talk to him or her when the mood hits your teen you may miss the experience of connecting to your child’s heart. It is hard to schedule caring, nurturing and eternal pursuits.

How did you come up with ideas for your current release?

It grew out of my experiences with mothers who were taking my time management seminars. Many confessed to being busy with activities including church activities but not really connecting with God. I too have had this struggle and I wanted to share inspirationallly and practically how to conquer this dilemna.In this book I also share the practical things I have done with my children from the womb to young adulthood. It is never too late to capture the heart of your child. It is never too late to get the heart of your child. Even empathetic listening can help you connect your teenager. Every mother will find this book useful. My husband jokingly points out that dads might learn a few things too.

I want mothers to be inspired yet have tangible and practical ways they can daily passionately pursue the heart of God and to transfer that passion to their children. I want them to understand the awesome privilege it is to be a mother to share in the work of God. In our churches today we rally around the altar calls and cheer sinners as they come. I want mothers to know Jesus is cheering us as we lead our children to Christ and as daily we make them not just converts but disciples. But mainly I want them one day to stand before the judgment throne in peace and joy not regret.

List your most recent books.

My current book besides Chasing God and the Kids Too is Getting Organized and Staying Organized, A Guide for Christian Mothers. Presently, I am working on a follow-up book to Chasing God and the Kids Too and a new organizing books. I guess you can say I like to keep myself challenged and I don’t like being idle.

What’s next for you?

I guess I’d like to really work on getting the word about Chasing God and the Kids Too out to the masses. It is the one book that I feel acurately reveals my heart. It touches the desire for the eternal in all mothers and I’m working hard to get the message out about the book. Honestly, I cannot predict for sure all that God has for me because He continues to surprise and astoud me with His plansd. I would like to continue to write books that inspire others to passionately pursue the heart of God and I’d like to see others reach their potential in God. I pray that what God has done in my life will inspire others to recognize the lies that they cannot achieve. So daily I am working on inclining my ear to his heart and I sense I will be writing more but I am not quite solidified in what it may be right now.

Where can visitors find you online?

You may vist and/or my new Blodg at

Cheryl R. Carter is a homeschooling mother who has a passion for the LORD, an excitement for His people and a joy for the chase. Pick up Chasing God and the Kids Too from Christian bookstores. Visit her website