INTERVIEW | Stacy Hawkins Adams

Stacy, describe yourself for our visitors.

I’ve been a professional writer for more than a decade and a published author for nearly three years. I love to write and tell both fictional and non-fiction stories that linger in people’s minds and hearts and nudge them to make positive changes in their perceptions or in their lives.
Outside of my career, I keep very busy with my family, which includes two children, a daughter and son ages 8 and 5. A good chunk of my free time is spent carpooling them from one activity to another, helping with homework, et cetera. I don’t get to pursue my hobbies as often as I’d like, but they include reading all types of work, from mainstream mysteries and Christian fiction to devotionals and memoirs. I also like to play tennis. I love listening to music, including R&B and jazz, but my favorite is gospel.

Regarding ministries, I have a heart for children and for encouraging them to explore the world so that through their experiences, they can begin to discover their life’s calling. I consider both the church-related and community-based work I do a ministry. Churchwise, I currently volunteer in the nursery one Sunday a month, and I edit the church newsletter. I have served as a teenage Sunday School teacher and have helped teach Vacation Bible School.

Community-wise, I assist Reach Out and Read, a national youth literacy program that works with pediatricians to provide free books to young children who might not otherwise have access to books or learn to value reading. I also am a founding board member of the Richmond Christian Leadership Institute, an initiative through which Christian congregations of different races, denominations and socioeconomic levels are partnering to train groups of young leaders how to have a faith-based impact on the city. (I know by now you’re wondering when I sleep – I don’t that often! LOL)

How do you find time to connect with God?

I utter a brief prayer every morning before I get out of bed. My special quiet time comes later in the morning, usually while I’m in the shower or when I’m alone in the car driving to a particular destination. I’ll turn off the music and talk to God. Sometimes I’ll just listen, which is equally important. Recently, since I’ve decided to jumpstart my exercise routine, I’ve had my chats with God while I walk on the treadmill.

Tell us about your current book?

Nothing But the Right Thing tells the story of three friends who think they know just the thing that will satisfy them. Erika wants her marriage to be perfect; Serena wants to have a baby, and Micah, a minister, wants his congregation to follow his lead without a lot of drama. When things don’t fall into place as they expected, each of them is drawn to the one true “right thing” – their faith in God. Each realizes, in his or her own way, that when they trust Him, He’ll work everything out for their good.

How did you come up with ideas for this book?

I wanted to tell a story about real people struggling with real issues who also happened to be people of faith. Their faith informs how they view the world and how they respond to challenges. In Erika’s case, she’s never had a relationship with God. But she comes to learn that He is faithful when no one else can be. These characters are no different from people that you or I know. They struggle to please God, but also struggle with their human desires and needs.

List your most recent books.

• Speak To My Heart (2004)
• Nothing But the Right Thing (2006)

What’s next for you?

I am working on several projects right now that will be released between November 2006 and October 2007. The Midnight Clear, a Christmas anthology in which I have a short story featured, will be released just before Thanksgiving. The publisher of this project is Kendra Norman-Bellamy, who is also a best-selling Christian fiction author.

In July 2007, my short story about a mother and daughter who are driven apart by past regrets and secrets, will be released by Kimani Press. I’m also hard at work (and prayer) on my third novel for Revell Books. It is tentatively titled Watercolored Pearls and will update readers on the lives of characters who are also featured in Speak To My Heart and Nothing But the Right Thing. It will be published in October 2007.

Thank you for featuring me!

Thank you Stacy. Visit Stacy online at