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Da Vinci, Dogma and Debate

Da Vinci, Dogma and Debate by Alvin C. Romer, Columnist It’s been a little over three years now since Dan Brown unleashed the phenomena that has given new incentative to iconic fortitude and sheer hyperbole gone awry. The Da Vinci Code and all of its subjective entities has been all the rage and rhetoric that have permeated the minds and… Read more →

Adam, Where Art Thou?

Adam, Where Art Thou? by Alvin C. Romer, Columnist A disobedient soul, lack of initiative, coupled with shame defined Adam’s role in the original sin, and when our Lord came looking for him, he hid. Is it safe to say that Black men are still hiding, sans the fortitude needed to be accountable? It was once told to me that… Read more →

A Friend For All Seasons

A Friend For All Seasons by Alvin C. Romer I used to always hear the references to what it means to “have a friend for all seasons” and knew that they didn’t apply to me. Moreover, I didn’t even know what the significance of such an analogy implied. As I attempted to assess my own definition, it never came to… Read more →